Originally called footdisc, currexSole insoles were designed and developed by sport scientists and footwear specialists using the latest research.

The name 'currex' comes from the Latin: currere = run and rex = king giving you Running King.

  • currexSole insoles are the only insoles designed solely for sport
  • currexSole insoles are available in three arch profiles: HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW
  • currexSole have a patented DAC (dynamic arch cradle) to match your particular foot type
  • currexSole insoles enhance the features of your sports shoes
  • currexSole insoles improve the function of your body's own shock absorption system
  • currexSole insoles reduce moisture and odors
  • currexSole insoles are lightweight
  • currexSole insoles are easy to fit - simply TRIM TO FIT.

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